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DepartmentEnvironmental Products
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ProfileBIO-NET® and SESSIL® Biomass Support Materials for use in Municipal and Industrial Water and Sewage Treatment
Registration 2004-08-18 · Updated 2021-07-19
Areas of Involvement – Cross References
Waste Water Treatment Waste Water Treatment
  • Domestic WastewaterSeptic Tanks, Ecological Sanitation, Gray Water Recycling, Phytoremediation, Constructed Wetlands & Reed Beds, Leaching Fields
  • BioaugmentationOxidation Ponds, Dissolved Air Flotation, Microbes, Rotating Biological Contactors, Sequential Batch Reactors, Biological Aerated Filters
  • General Wastewater Services & Misc.Wastewater Engineering & Consulting, Process Evaluation & Optimization, Design & Permitting, Plant Construction & Project Management
Water Supply & Purification Water Supply & Purification
  • Water FiltrationFiltration Processes, Filter Media & Cartridges, Microstrainers, Carbon Adsorption, Microporous Ceramic Elements, Backwashing
Air Pollution Control Air Pollution Control
  • Air FiltrationFabric & HEPA Filters, Baghouses, Ceramic Filters, Cartridge Filters, Filter Media, Activated Carbon
  • Gas CleaningFlue Gas Desulphurisation (FGD), Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR), Spray Towers, Catalytic Oxidation, E-Beam Process