South Sudan

Center for Environmental Advocacy and Development (CEDA)

BuildingHai Tongping, Juba Na Bari Market
StreetBehind TM lion Hotel
CountrySouth Sudan
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Mobile(+211) 91 - 711 6299
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ProfileAims at Enhancing Public Participation to and Awareness Regarding the Sustainable Management and Protection of the Environment
Registration 2015-11-23 · Updated 2023-05-25
Areas of Involvement – Cross References
Environmental Information Environmental Information
  • Education & TrainingPost / Graduate Studies, Courses, Workshops, Learning Centers / Materials, Webinars
  • Public OrganizationsNGOs, Civic Initiatives, Campaigns, Ecological Societies, Foundations, Cooperatives
Water Supply & Purification Water Supply & Purification
  • Water Resources ManagementHydrologic Engineering, Water Shed / Aquifer Protection / Stabilisation / Restoration, Aquatic Ecosystem Conservation, Well Drilling, Reservoirs, Oil Spill Barriers, Slick Decomposition
Earth Preservation Earth Preservation
  • AgricultureSustainable Food Production, Organic Farming Methods, Permaculture, Biofertilizers, Biological Pest Control, Certified Labels, Rural Development
  • Ecosystem ManagementProtection of Biodiversity Habitats & Landscape, Ecosystem Restoration, Native Plant Establishment, Coral Reef Rehabilitation